Thank you for visiting The Pet Plate website. We are animal lovers who were frustrated by our dog’s eating habits. He was fussy as can be and would not eat from a traditional feeding system.

The Pet Plate was created through trial and error working with our dog, Bandit, to get him to eat consistently. A Shih Tzu Poodle mix, he is stubborn and smart. When we noticed that he preferred to eat off the floor, something struck us. What if the dish were the issue and not the food? For many years we thought it was his food, but recently we discovered that it was merely his feeding system, specifically his food dish.

Meet Bandit! Our Shih Tzu Poodle Mix who is every bit as cute in person as he is in his pictures. But boy is he the fussiest dog we’ve ever met!


When we first introduced The Pet Plate to Bandit, he was a little disoriented but he did not bark at it, something he always does with a traditional food bowl.

Within a few days, he acclimated to it and has been eating consistently ever since.  We truly believe that if you are having issues with your pet (dog or cat) feeding, our revolutionary feeding system may help solve the problem once and for all.

Before you change your pet’s food and disrupt their digestive system, give The Pet Plate a try. We believe it truly is the World’s Best Feeding System for Finicky Furry Friends.

Happy pets are healthy pets.

The Pet Plate, it’s concept and design are copyright protected by KAC Industries, located in Chepachet, RI.

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10% of the proceeds of your purchase of The Pet Plate goes towards the Elderly Pet Organization.


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